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For some women, acne is a never ending struggle. Despite numerous treatments, some acne does not seem to want to go. A number of women with stubborn acne have turned to birth control pills as a solution to their problem. Just what is in the pill is effective against acne adult female? And what are the risks and effects? So the progesterone birth control is good.

L'estrogen (Estrada) and progesterone (protesting) are the main actors of the menstrual cycle of every woman. Progesterone birth control the' rise and fall in the levels of these hormones to determine if a woman is ovulating, rules, or pregnant women. The male hormone testosterone is also included in the menstrual cycle. Testosterone levels increase shortly before menstruation to increase libido and increased levels of estrogen in the control of what is called a feedback mechanism. Progesterone birth control Testosterone also accumulates during pregnancy, especially for pregnant women baby boys. In addition to an increase in libido, testosterone levels increase give way to the warning acne breakouts in women just before their period. Supplemental testosterone causes the sebaceous glands in the skin pores to produce more oil, progesterone birth control which in turn combines with dead cells and impurities to cause acne. This also explains the ' pregnancy acne in some expectant mothers.

The buttons and progesterone birth control:

Pills are substantially constituted by estrogen, progesterone, progesterone birth control or a combination of both. They work together to prevent mature eggs for development, which prevents pregnancy. A side effect of the pill is that these hormones also inhibit the production of testosterone. With the levels of testosterone in the control, hormonal pre - period pimple breakouts are avoided. This is why dermatologists may recommend ' use of birth control pills for acne in women particularly stubborn progesterone birth control.

To date, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved three birth control pills for use as acne treatments. Progesterone birth control it is Ortho Tri - Cycle and YA Estrous. Diane -35 and Admin, a variant of YA, other birth control pills are used as a treatment against acne. It can take 3-6 months to see the skin much clearer with the use of birth control pills for acne. While the body gets used to the pill, progesterone birth control less desirable side effects like nausea, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, and high blood pressure even higher, stroke, gallstones and depression may also develop. Combination birth control pills that have estrogen and progesterone have a lower risk of pregnancy ( 0.01%), but do not act as effective against acne compared to progesterone only pill progesterone birth control, which the other has a safe rate 0.02% contraceptive.

Natural Acne Solution:

Despite its convenience, contraceptive pills are not the be all and end all solution acne. Progesterone birth control for some women, acne may get worse before they get better, as the body gets used to the pill. For others, the pill can do anything for acne or worse. If you've tried all the creams and ointments, progesterone birth control but still do not see results, why not give it a shot? This type of treatment involves a combination of natural foods, lifestyle, and acne home remedies for a more comprehensive approach against acne. You will be surprised how a little ' life and diet changes can help clear skin and banish acne. Karina Miranda progesterone birth controls a writer who offers natural clear skin products and a free guide to natural treatments for acne.

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Birth Control and Weight Gain, Which method suits me?

Many women who take birth control pills are very happy to avoid unwanted pregnancies, birth control and weight gain but blaming oral contraceptives for weight gain and water retention at the same time. Well, this is the undeniable fact that pills do not cause weight problems in some women, but not necessarily the root cause of all women. Recent studies who take low-dose pills (low estrogen) indicated the nominal exchange rate. A few extra pounds while taking pills could be possible in some, birth control and weight gain but not necessarily to the alarming situation. Analysts pointed out that 5-10 % of women adding few pounds while taking pills, but there are the same numbers of women who gain weight but not on pills at all. Weight gain may be due to water retention in the body (occurs other than pills) and fat deposition birth control and weight gain.

How much weight gain could be possible on birth control and weight gain pills?

birth control and weight gain It is usually argued that oral contraceptives, estrogen pills especially at high doses( more than 30 MGM), cause more weight than birth control injection like Depot -Prove. Studies have shown that women who use the pill at high doses tend to gain 5.3 pounds in a year than women who take Depot -Prove as a contraceptive and an increase of 6.6 pounds (2.2 kg) over a period a year. Birth control and weight gain However, analysts have also found that only 7 % of women who were taking pills got more than 10% of their body weight. But women who were taking shots for Depot - Prove, 25% of them won more than 10% of their body weight. If you compare 5.3 pounds of weight due to pills with 6.6 kg weight gained with the injection of birth control, you will notice that not only women who are on the contraceptive pill less weight gain a year that the injection method birth control, but also a lower risk of weight gain birth control and weight gain.

Furthermore, the most recent studies on low estrogen pills base (30 MGM or less) showed weight loss or no change, if it continues to be for a year.

But birth control pills can cause fluid retention, is not a birth control and weight gain?

birth control and weight gain There is no denying that pills containing high doses of estrogen can cause fluid retention in the body, especially if the pill has 50 MGM estrogen or more. How's it going? Well, high doses of estrogen stimulate kidney substances such as Reunion - antidotes system, birth control and weight gain which is responsible for water retention that again causes retention that ultimately causes the ' weight gain of sodium(salt).Studies on different levels of estrogen based pills revealed that pills having less than 20 MGM estrogen reduce weight, 30 tablets MGM make no difference in weight or nominal loss of weight, while 50 tablets MGM cause water retention and birth control and weight gain.

If you are on birth control pills and the experience of more than 5% of your body weight in a year, may be due to the reaction of your body for resistance or abnormal glucose metabolism. You should consult your doctor to adopt the diet low in carbohydrates, birth control and weight gain because the high amount of sugar in any meal will offset your weight control efforts.

In addition, the low estrogen, birth control and weight gain what other types of birth control pills can affect the weight? The combined pills containing desolately type of protesting and estrogen low dose could cause very little weight gain as compared to pills containing northland birth control and weight gain. This is probably due to a specific protesting mainly due to the lower resistance to insulin. Low estrogen levels can be found in birth control pills like Lessee, Overstrain Fe, and Aigrette etc. If you are experiencing weight gain or symptoms of fluid retention from your current oral contraceptives birth control and weight gain, you can consult your health care professional or doctor what pills contraceptives are suitable for you.