How To Treat a Migraine. Treatments and drugs

Only one migraine sufferer understands the pain. Regardless of how the migraine starts the end result is the same - excruciating pain that renders you helpless, working properly how to treat a migraine, breathing hurts. Even thought it hurts. 

People often update migraines without any real the suffering a migraine can inflict understanding. They treat migraine sufferers like hypochondriacs or drama queens. Not only. There are a lot of painkillers and pills available to help reduce the pain how to treat a migraine. The problem here is that many of these painkillers require prescriptions and involve ongoing cost how to treat a migraine. The other side effect of many prescription drugs is that they can help with migraine pain itself but tend to have an effect of knock-out on the victim.

Most migraine sufferers will be familiar with the where was the day? Effect of the most powerful analgesics, there are natural remedies to the migraine plague. They are simple and inexpensive. None of these to replace the medication how to treat a migraine, but can be used together with the drug to relieve quickly. How to treat a migraine they also complement each other.

Dark Room: If you suffer from migraine headaches and an attack begins then find the quietest, darkest spot in your house and stayed there. The area should also be relatively warm to allow you to relax more quickly. Your eyes should remain covered but open. This usually means that the use of some kind of sale, how to treat a migraine but a scarf, long handkerchief or other material works very well. Keep your eyes open as much as possible because experience has shown that close their eyes to try and cope with the pain uses extra facial and jaw muscles that can just increase the problem and not the cure how to treat a migraine.

How to treat a migraine if an attack has already begun then follow the same routine and take prescription drugs you have, relaxed breathing: A migraine attack generally brings a sort of anxiety attack in the patient. They know how much it will hurt both increases your heart rate. This increased blood flow makes the problem even worse how to treat a migraine. Once you've retreated to the quiet and dark and covered your eyes from any possible stimuli then breathing area is the next area of focus. You should let your breathing relax. Panicked breathing will increase the pain you are already experiencing.

To allow your breathing to relax follow these steps:

Take a long, slow exhale slowly, and breathe how to treat a migraine breathe long and slow background. How do you concentrate on breathing slowly feel the air filling your lungs. Feel the air filling your body. After inhaling as is comfortable again exhale slowly how to treat a migraine. As you focus on feeling expiration of the air leaving your lungs and escaping through your mouth. Exhale completely.

Repeat the process of inhaling slowly, how to treat a migraine concentrating on the sensation of the air filling your lungs and exhaling slowly 3 or 6 times, the fourth repetition you will notice that your breathing is much calmer and relaxed. Your heart rate should now also have reduced back to a resting rate and you may even feel a little sleepy how to treat a migraine. If so embrace that feeling and let yourself fall asleep.

Lavender oil: This is the last step in the process how to treat a migraine. Lavender oil is known for its medicinal properties and this is doubly so for migraine. Lavender oil is cheap and completely safe to use. Use only pure lavender oil for treating migraines - lavender scented fragrances or scented oils are useless. It must be the purest lavender oil you can find.

If you feel a migraine attack coming then grabs your lavender oil, put a drop of pure undiluted oil on each temple or behind each ear lavender how to treat a migraine. Also put 4 or 5 drops of lavender oil on the pillow you'll rest pure.

Combined with a dark, how to treat a migraine quiet room and the deep breathing technique the lavender oil provides that the final punch in natural treatments. Air Perfume oil relaxes and breathes lavender infused helps relieve the pain of a migraine almost immediately.