Optical Migraine, What Causes Headaches

Sometimes in our lives, we experience headaches that come and go and are often so severe that our daily routines are affected. Potentially migraine, when you experience these headaches, we also feel some form of visual changes. So we say: "It's probably just a migraine."

* What is a Migraine: Migraine is a type of recurrent headache that is extremely painful and usually occurs on one side of the head. One will take place just before one of these attacks. An aura can manifest as visual flashes or spots or even ringing in the ears optical migraine, which is opposite to the side where the headache is about to occur. L ' migraine attack may also come with symptoms of dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and double vision.

* What is an optical migraine: As opposed to a real migraine, also involves an aura that comes before a migraine attack, but there is no pain. It's rare that a migraine that comes with intense pain. It 'also known as migraine or visual or ocular so migraine cephalic. It is a migraine with aura accompanied by headache. Who experience visual disturbances are the lights that look like zigzag or lights "fortress" flashing optical migraine. These auras usually begin as small visual marches crossing the field of vision that slowly fades. Attacks of this type have had a few minutes to over an hour. If you will come up with a headache, the pain will follow in an hour. An optical migraine can also be seen as a blind spot in the visual field.

* How can I be sure that I am known optical migraine: Migraines are usually diagnosed if the same symptoms are experiences again and again for many years?  If the same aura is experienced; In case there is a change in visual mode, it could be something more serious. A doctor should be consulted on this matter.

* What could be the cause of these headaches: The cause of migraine is not yet confirmed, it has remained unknown. However, there are theories that these headaches are caused by allergies, temporary edema of the brain and even endocrine disorders. One thing is certain; it is due to problems with circulation of blood in the brain. Optical migraine It has been shown that the pain is associated with narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, followed by a dilation.

* What would be the most serious causes of headaches if they are not migraines: Not all headaches are migraines and all visual disturbances are caused by migraines. There could be more serious causes that may require you to consult a doctor. Visual changes can also be caused by partial seizures optical migraine, the retina of the eye was a "mini-stroke" or transient chemic attack, multiple sclerosis or even a brain tumor removed.

* Who is more likely to have an optical migraine: usually experienced by more women than men in a ratio of 3:1. It is a disease which is generally hereditary.

* What is the treatment for common optical migraine: Sedatives and aspirin are commonly prescribed to patients suffering from this disease. Rest or sleep in a dark room usually relieves the symptoms. However, if the ' sound is accompanied by migraine headache, injection of Tristan or ingestion or nasal spray of the same drug gives relief. Beta -blockers optical migraine, antidepressants and antiseptic drugs are also effective for the majority of patients. It' important to recognize the aura that proceeds the headache so that medication, and taken before the actual attack optical migraine. This will avoid the pain of adjustment in biofeedback has proven to be a good type of therapy for patients who receive these attacks.

Having all this in mind, you now want to know if you have a headache or a headache usually true blue. Now, you can also determine whether these strange visual disturbances are auras previous to a migraine attack or if it is an optical migraine. What is important here is that you recognize the symptoms that go along with the headache. Observation is the key. You need to recognize the telltale sign that you are on the verge of a real crisis of a migraine or if you need to seek medical attention, because it is a sign of something more serious help. Never take these headaches for granted optical migraine, could mean life.

Types of Migraines, Treatments and Information

A migraine is a chronic headache from mild to severe, including throbbing types of migraines, sensitivity to light, and nausea. In some cases, the nausea may be followed by mild to severe vomiting. The length can vary from a few minutes to 48 hours. Headache materializes in males and females aged between 10 and 46 years old. However types of migraines, they are more common in women and in families. Stresses that create irregular brain activity and constriction of the blood vessels are often the cause of vascular headache. Factors include stress, alcohol pungent odors, lights, smoke, hormones, environmental disturbances, and stress and diet types of migraines. The attack starts in the brain and interrupts the flow of blood in the brain and associated tissues. A headache is not a sign of a brain tumor.

Types of headaches are often classified according to the regularity of nature and the origin of the types of headaches. Types of migraines the seven types of headaches are:

* Abdominal migraine or periodic syndrome predominantly diagnosed in children. Also types of migraines, there is a family medical history of these symptoms.

* Migraine or ocular cephalic often has no pain in the head and is associated with visual disorientation, dizziness and nausea.

* Migraine without aura(warning) is a common headache, without warning signs until the disease.

* Migraine with aura appears in three forms: a) with a warning symptom for vision problems, for example, before the appearance or b) familial hemophilic migraine or c) sporadic hemophilic migraine.

* Hemophilic are sporadic and familial hemophilic migraine with aura and limitations of the engine. A migraine is classified as a family if a family member suffers from this type of headache as well types of migraines.

* A basilar migraine is a rare variety of migraine with aura. Basilar migraine usually occurs in young adults. This type of disease is often confused with intoxication because during migraine, the person who has clouded the speech, disorientation and body tingling.

* A retinal migraine occurs in one eye and is indicative of the presence of a serious medical condition. In this case types of migraines, consult your doctor.

Some migraine sufferers experience four parts to their migraines. The parts are called: 1) that occur before the migraine promote, 2) led the headache and 3) or migraine headaches, and 4) or after postmortem sensations. The sensations can range from a feeling of relief types of migraines, almost euphoric, to complete exhaustion or fatigue.

Types of migraines unfortunately, there is no cure for migraine. However, due to changes in lifestyle, preventive treatment and the doctor prescribed medications, the frequency and duration of migraine attacks decreased by less restricted lifestyle types of migraines. A doctor who specializes in the treatment of migraine type s is the best solution for the diagnosis and successful treatment of this chronic disease.