Cause of Migraines, symptoms and treatments

What are the possible causes of migraine? Lists the causes of the occurrence of migraines for most people, some case correlates with sudden changes in the environment as the primary cause of sudden headache caused by migraine. But it has been shown that the major cause and factor that affects the occurrence of the incident was change or sudden movement of the neurotransmitter known as serotonin in the brain.
cause of migraines Sudden changes and changes in serotonin in the brain are largely cause narrowing and swelling of the cerebral cortex that eventually lead to the onset of severe headache that affects one or both sides of the head often accompanied by several signs and symptoms, such as neck pain, sensitivity to light, irritability, sounds occipital pain, temporary pain and dizziness.
Assumptions abrupt changes occurred with the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain are believed affected and triggered by hormonal changes in women, especially during pregnancy. Furthermore, it is also assumed problems with diabetes and thyroid to cause changes in the levels of serotonin cause of migraines.

Other predisposing factors that contribute to the increased incidence of migraine is excess stress, depression, fatigue at work, cause of migraines lack of rest and sleep, and eat foods that contain tramline was observed to trigger the attack for most individuals. As we all know, lack of rest and sleep was observed to be not only the leading cause of migraine, but like other health related problems as the human body cause of migraines  is a great need for proper rest period.
cause of migraines If not kept to the particular need of rest and disorders caused alterations of the normal functions of the body and cause hormonal changes, cause of migraines so that most people are diagnosed to be affected by various types of migraines belonging observed age groups of both sexes.
cause of migraines Since during this period of life of the people have already established a routine of daily work and other responsibilities and therefore, stress and frustration is likely to occur due to excessive fatigue daily activity cause of migraines. Most people have experienced the special time or another health throughout his life, but for others it is more likely to happen due to those factors cause of migraines.

For women, sustainable Moreover the whole period of pregnancy are the signs and symptoms, including frequent migraines occasional contributors. Because, as we all know, during periods of pregnancy changes and changes to the flow of hormones will overwhelmingly occur cause of migraines. Also, foods containing tramline such as nuts, fresh dairy products and red meat may contribute to the onset of migraine headache.

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