Ophthalmic Migraine, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Ophthalmic migraine is the ' migraine that involves the aim eyes there is no headache. Flashes of light may appear as jagged lines / heat waves in both cases 1 or may be both eyes and can last up to 10-20 minutes without headache. It is an eye producing symptoms of visual migraine with / without headache. It has - been associated with some trading going on in brain blood circulation.

Accurate diagnosis requires Identify specific causes of visual symptoms that should exclude the possibility of other diseases / disorders produce similar type of symptoms. Common triggers that cause ophthalmic migraine or seizure is temporary contraction of blood vessels that are located behind the eyes. Exchange hormonal chemistry of foods, drugs and flashing lights could be other causes of ophthalmic migraine.

Visual exchange as a small blind spot /ophthalmic migraine sparkling / zing -Ag lights will last 20-30 minutes that can be noticed. And you can feel the pain in my eye. The pain experienced is usually behind the eye and perhaps due to poor blood circulation to the eye that is caused by vassals. It is constriction of the blood vessels or poor blood circulation in the brain that causes it.

It can be diagnosed using endoscope doctor to get an accurate diagnosis ophthalmic migraine. This device indicates reduction of blood flow to the eyes.

Ophthalmic migraine are frightening experience and certainly without notice. You do not need to feel the pain that accompanies the typical traditional migraine. Ophthalmic migraine these are accompanied by halos flashes of light, rainbows or other optical effects scary. Main causes of this type of headache are

- Stress is a major cause of this type of migraine, so learn to relax your mind.
- Period of menstruation or immediately before menstruation, ophthalmic migraine this type of headache can get triggered.
- Hunger can act as a trigger for this type of migraine.
- Alcohol can increase the frequency of this type of headache ophthalmic migraine, so it is best to avoid drinking.
- Caffeine should be avoided particularly if they are very sugary. Caffeine in coffee causes headaches May of this type.

There is no or very little available treatment for migraine ophthalmic as they are not very clearly understood. The symptoms are mild, painless and do not last long. Because symptoms do not indicate an eye disease, eye doctor may not be possible to properly treat. Purposes if often confront me; you can consult your doctor and start the drug.

Best treatment given so far is to be still and stay until ophthalmic migraine symptoms such as passing. Vision disturbance caused is real and causes temporary blindness May so if you are driving, it is essential to stop and continue ounce migraine gets May Passed. Some people complain of persistent influence and should consult their physician and ophthalmologist. The symptoms of migraine are frightening, is not an objective serious condition. Can help you figure out if a particular food / beverage / stress are triggering it.

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