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You know that more than 20 million migraine sufferers in the United States. And 75 % of them are women. And around the world, this is a very common problem for all. If you think that migraine is a headache when you live in a fool’s paradise migraine home remedy. A person suffering from migraine can describe the real meaning of migraine. This is not just a headache, but a type of chronic headache that migraine home remedies can give you many uncomfortable feelings. Migraines can last hours in the day or even more. Migraines a type of excruciating pain that is interfering with the ability to perform daily tasks migraine home remedies.

What causes migraine?
Neurologists are trying to discover the cause of migraine. But until now, the true causes of migraines are unknown. But suspicion of certain factors migraine home remedies that may migraine in general. Changes of alcohol, stress, water, lack of sleep and food can act as a trigger of migraine and migraine home remedies says Dr. Brian Grouser. He is an assistant professor of neurology and director of the Headache Center Head Montpelier hospital in the Bronx, New York.

Treatment of migraine:
Several prescription drugs are available in the market for the treatment of migraine. You can choose one of them for your doctor. But my suggestion is that you go for home remedies because it is completely migraine home remedies natural with no side effects. It is also very profitable.
Home remedies for home remedies for migraine, Migraine is of two types.
 One that should be taken before migraine attacks and the other after the attack.
Home remedies for migraine before the attack migraine home remedies.

1. Love water:
Dehydrated body is attacked more migraine. While hydrate your body. Take at least 3 liters of water a day and drink fresh juice migraine home remedies.
2. Sleep well:
Focus on your good sleep. Sleep at least six hours migraine home remedies and go to bed early. If your sleep cycle is not maintained properly, then you are very sensitive for migraine.

3. Try Yoga practice:
Yoga is very useful for a patient with migraine. Yoga is a connection between migraines home remedies your body and your mind. Yoga reduces stress, relax muscles and make you more confident.
4. Say goodbye to stress: Although it is difficult to live a tension free life, but you should try to forget the tensions of their own benefits. If you live in a tension free life migraine home remedies, while migraine has very little chance to attack you.
5. Do not think of migraine:
Sometimes the headache is migraine home remedies due to their way of thinking. Do not even think migraine. If you think so migraine is due to neurological causes.
6. Do not take too much caffeine:
Caffeine is a stress and pain. But too much is not good for you migraine home remedies. Sometimes it will be overall migraine.
Home remedies for migraine after an attack:
1. Any take a good rest:
When observing the onset of migraine, unwind and have a good rest. Go to bed and sleep. If you can’t go to bed at that time and then sit in a chair. Make sure your body is in the expansion phase.
2. Select a quiet and dark:
The light and sound is intolerable for a person suffering from migraine. Therefore, choosing a quiet, dark room to rest.
3. Try bag cold compresses or warm:
You can try an ice pack or hot water bottle on the head and neck and massage gently. In fact, it has a placebo effect in patients to help reduce pain.
4. Take caffeine:
Caffeine is a very effective form of migraine. Grab a cup of tea or coffee. It will certainly reduce the pain applying a strip of the head: a headband is used in migraine. It reduces some of the pain. Use a bandage around his head.
5. Massage forehead and neck:
This is another home remedy for migraine. Gently massage the neck. They relax muscles and reduce pain.
6. Take hot showers:
Take a hot shower. This will help reduce the pain of losing her body, opens the sinuses and relive stress.
7. Massage Peppermint oil:
You can try peppermint oil head massage. This will help reduce the pain.

If you feel that the pain is unbearable for you, then migraine home remedies you should go to the doctors. Follow these home remedies correctly. Of course, which helps significantly in migraine? If this article helps a little, then it will be my reward. Thanks for reading and live a healthy life.

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