Multiple Myeloma Emedicine, a Presenting as a Diagnostic Dilemma

Over the past 20 years, the treatment was developed for patients with multiple myeloma. The knowledge of the author, who was treated with chemotherapy that several years before diagnosis, had to go to Arkansas for treatment multiple myeloma emedicine. After being diagnosed in June 2008 with multiple myeloma, the author was able to receive this chemotherapy locally near his home in upstate South Carolina multiple myeloma emedicine.

This treatment uses various medications during chemotherapy followed by antilogous stem cells. Multiple myeloma emedicine the complete treatment is called a stem cell transplant in tandem (two in succession.) So years ago, the only treatment for multiple myeloma is the drug that directly targeting cancer cells (and also many target cells and good) multiple myeloma emedicine, the number of drugs used in treating each target ability of cancer cells to reproduce and encourage normal cells fight against the disease of the body to eliminate them.

This treatment uses thalidomide as the main fight against cancer, an oral medication multiple myeloma emedicine, plus a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs including boredom, cyclophosphamide, etoposide, isolating, door, and hearthstone. A variety of other drugs, such as antibiotics, multiple myeloma emedicine to help the impaired immune system of the body, the anti-nausea drugs and painkillers (steroids) are used concomitantly.

Multiple myeloma emedicine with the old treatments targeted tumor cells directly, the ' life expectancy of patients with multiple myeloma were of the order of 2-4 years after diagnosis. Because these drugs affected many cells of the body as well as good tumor cells multiple myeloma emedicine, the body of the patients had great success every time the drug was administered. A high of the same drug (or similar) dose is part of the process of stem cell transplant multiple myeloma emedicine. After administration of the drug at high doses, a CIBC author was close to zero. Fortunately, the stem cells followed immediately by the administration of high doses, so that his body was able to recover from the high through the creation of new stem cells and new blood cells good dose.

New treatments such as the use of drugs Arkansas treatment that target tumor cells indirectly multiple myeloma emedicine. They are trying to turn the switch to ON indicate that the cancer cells to reproduce indefinitely. Multiple myeloma emedicine they are trying to block the flow of blood that allows cancer cells to grow. They are trying to block the signals from the cancer cells to normal combat organization that says, in effect cell disease: "I am a normal cell - not to mention me." They are trying to promote the fight against the disease of the body's cells to go after cancer cells and do their work - multiple myeloma emedicine. IE eliminate unwanted cells in the body obviously, this is the explanation of secular tasks required in the treatment regimen of the drug, but you get the idea.

Because these drugs should not directly kill cancer cells multiple myeloma emedicine, they are much less damaging to healthy cells in the body. This does not mean that they are harmless to normal cells of the body. They are still very potent chemicals that should not be used with lightness. But they all seem to work and carry out the tasks required of them multiple myeloma emedicine. The ' life expectancy of patients who receive treatment are listed Arkansas for ten years or more, and climbing.

The main side effects occur with this treatment regimen multiple myeloma emedicine, but they seem to be worth the disadvantages. In the case of the author, the two main side effects are the deterioration of the heart muscle, and peripheral neuropathy. The effectiveness of the author's heart has deteriorated enough in the treatment he was prevented from receiving the second stem cell transplant multiple myeloma emedicine. After reading a lot of information on the Internet before and during treatment, he missed the possibility that chemotherapy drugs can affect the heart muscle. The efficiency of the left ventricle increased from the normal 50 % while values WWE 26%. At this low level, was treated for congestive heart failure. The cardiologist said, however, that in many cases, the heart can recover levels induced by chemotherapy so. This actually happened in the case of the author multiple myeloma emedicine. The effectiveness of his heart rose again to levels close to normal.

After the effectiveness of heart problems were diagnosed multiple myeloma emedicine, the author has researched and found several articles that actually warn that some chemotherapy drugs used in this regime can affect the heart muscle. One of the drugs, in particular, has been indicated as likely to cause heart problems multiple myeloma emedicine. When he asked one of the nurses that chemo drugs that can interfere with the heart, she said, Oh, probably all do it.

Peripheral neuropathy is a big hassle, but it does not seem to be a potentially fatal problem multiple myeloma emedicine. The fingers of the hands and feet of the author, any Tingle and feel a bit ' numb most of the time. Cancer drugs as well as drugs for the treatment of cancer appeared to cause these problems. After the main cancer drugs have been arrested, tingling and numbness down a bit ', but not completely. There were days after chemo, when the hands of the author are bad - especially when holding or touching cold objects multiple myeloma emedicine. Today, are witty but this feeling can be ignored most of the time.

Multiple myeloma emedicine the body of the author is currently "cancer cells as clean as possible," according to her oncologist. The doctor also commented on this visit that many do not appreciate the gravity of this statement. "A few years ago, half of the people who contracted multiple myeloma died within 3 years after diagnosis." These figures are considerably extended today because of chemotherapy regimens as treatment Arkansas multiple myeloma emedicine.

Dennis Dinger is a survivor of multiple myeloma. Diagnosed in June 2008, received five cycles of treatment Arkansas, four of chemotherapy, and the fifth- the high dose and transplantation of tautologies’ stem cells, His book. My battle against multiple myeloma, said his fight - including the ' year prior to the diagnosis multiple myeloma emedicine, treatment and recovery as a result of all treatments. In 2010, the cancer is in complete remission.

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