Myeloma Life Expectancy, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis

Multiple myeloma, also known as plasma is a highly aggressive malignancy. In other words myeloma life expectancy, this is a type of cancer that affects a particular type of blood cells called plasma cells. This is the ground on which to build the immune system to protect against all kinds of diseases and other infectious diseases. They do this by creating immunoglobulin, also known as antibodies. Myeloma life expectancy these cells help defend the body against infections and other diseases. In the case of multiple myeloma, abnormal plasma cells multiply affected chaotically, without any control and for that reason, they tend to create excessive amounts of protein. In some patients there is an increase in the amount of protein excreted only the portion of the immunoglobulin of particles, myeloma life expectancy called caps chains monoclinic simple and light.

Myeloma life expectancy this condition has a harmful effect on the body by diffusion and regulates tumor growth, primarily in the bone marrow. Also characterized by a list of the complications related to the proximity effect when tumor cells are released abnormal amounts of protein, this increases the density of blood myeloma life expectancy, immunity and the damage they cause infections, kidney damage and bone damage. The treatment of patients suffering from a very complex and it is - rounded, and you need to control the growth of tumor cells present, as well as remove all the negative effects it could have myeloma life expectancy.

What is Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is the second most common malignant diseases of the circulatory system after tumor lymph node - lymphoma. This is about 1 % of all malicious and cause diseases 5% of all deaths from life-threatening conditions in general myeloma life expectancy. According to the information and the most recent data, about 700,000 people are affected by this disease each year in the United States, which means that there is a very large and dangerous disease. In general, whites are affected by this disease, myeloma life expectancy which depends largely on genetic and environmental factors. Frequency of multiple myeloma occurring in the community grows with age. The mean age at diagnosis is approximately 68 years. In approximately 95 % of cases, myeloma life expectancy patients are over 35 years old. Recent statistics indicate that the overall incidence of myeloma develops and may occur more often with older people younger too.

What are the most common symptoms of multiple myeloma?

The usual clinical report or the frequency of appearance is expressed with anemia due to the effect of the plasma cells malicious the remaining bones marrow cells. Myeloma life expectancy for this reason, increasing the likelihood that the patient suffering from infections due to the small amount of immunoglobulin. One of the most prominent symptoms reduces the density and destruction of the internal structure of the bone. Myeloma life expectancy this may lead to fractures. Moreover, increasing concentrations of calcium, which makes the bones fragile, and will have a high concentration of calcium in the blood? Hyperbole causes damage to the kidneys, which makes it much less functional kidneys. If no other major alterations due to bone disease, myeloma effect in life is minimal myeloma life expectancy, with symptoms such as fatigue, pain in the lower back and joint infections. Among patients diagnosed after a routine blood test, no doubt, this situation arises.

Support for multiple myeloma treatment

Many of the symptoms of multiple myeloma can be reduced if not eliminated completely, and as such, requires an active approach to the quality of life of the patient may be as good as it gets. Weakness and fatigue is often a sign of anemia. By erythrocytes in the blood transfusion will help reduce the effects of anemia. Myeloma life expectancy it is possible to completely eliminate all symptoms of anemia for doing this. Pain in the bones can be removed with analgesics (painkillers). Some of them are not appropriate for patients who have problems with their kidneys myeloma life expectancy, because they can do more damage if the kidneys can’t filter content properly. A question about an infection must be eliminated quickly locate the exact location of the infection and applying appropriate antibiotics or other treatments. One possible application of growth factors called motivators growth is possible due to chemotherapy. Intravenous administration of immunoglobulin to enhance immunity myeloma life expectancy, if not of serious infections is another viable option.

It is very important to maintain a certain level of physical activity myeloma life expectancy, adapted to the possibilities. Patients with multiple myeloma have no limitations in terms of food consumption. No doubt, it is recommended that the advice of your doctor about all the preparations and supplements to be taken myeloma life expectancy, as some of them may have an adverse effect. They can also enter the intelligent interaction with other drugs taken as a basis for chemotherapy or other treatment of the symptoms listed on the line.

Fixation the phase of multiple myeloma:

Determining the stage of the disease is very important to determine the appropriate treatment as well. To do this properly myeloma life expectancy, the advanced state phase can determine and predict in terms of life expectancy. The usual step of determining the disease is divided into Curie-Salmon classification has been in the works since 1975. Each step of these three has a specific treatment routine myeloma life expectancy. Today, this type of determination of the degree is often neglected in modern classification has simple and uses only two conclusions - beta macroglobulin level and albumin. International Prognostic Index is divided into three stages, where micro globulin ranges from less than 3 grams of one milliliter up to more than 5.5 grams per milliliter of blood. Myeloma life expectancy It is a common nomenclature and specific functional staging of multiple myeloma is also known for being one of the most reliable methods for the same.

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