Pregnancy Migraines, What's the best treatment?

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the use of drugs in the category of evaporate - which include Deepak  , apricot acid Deacon - used to prevent migraines during pregnancy. Their concern is that these drugs can cause reduced IQ scores in children pregnancy migraines.

In fact, there are more important concerns that arise from this advice. First, these drugs already have a boxed warning about the risk to the fetus developing birth defects - so these women should pregnancy migraines not take these drugs in the first place.

The other big concern tragically illustrated by this warning is the lack of knowledge that most doctors no identical hormones. Hormones are chemicals that control all body systems however pregnancy migraines , physicians receive little or no training in how these hormones can be used to treat most medical conditions  , including hypertension  , diabetes  , obesity , fatigue  , depression  , anxiety , insomnia , breast and prostate cancer  , fibromyalgia , asthma , migraines  , and many others.

pregnancy migraines Needless to say , there are drugs that doctors prescribe to all these problems , because the idea of entreating the underlying cause of a problem that is not taught in medical schools  , or even later in training.

So allow me to educate those who are interested. During the first trimester of a woman, it is not uncommon to have problems with morning sickness pregnancy migraines. The cause of this is a situation in which the level of progesterone in women is not enough to compensate for the amount of Estrada produced.

Pregnancy migraines This is known as estrogen dominancy a situation that is also responsible for menstrual cramps  , PMS  , breast tenderness  , fibroids  , endometriosis , COS , Asthma and many other problems.

Another relatively common problem with this disproportionate amount of estrogen is migraine. When a woman has a period and develops a headache, pregnancy migraines application of progesterone cream often removed within 3-5 minutes.

With this in mind, would not it make more sense for pregnant women with a history of migraines to be placed on progesterone bio - identical in form of a cream or vaginal suppositories to prevent migraines? At the same time, it would get rid of your morning sickness and reduce your chances of having a miscarriage pregnancy migraines.

Another advantage of progesterone, which can be claimed by any other drugs manufactured today, is that bio - identical progesterone is extremely beneficial to the fetus women using progesterone during pregnancy probably a smart happy baby. And if they continue progesterone after childbirth, pregnancy migraines they will not have postpartum depression. For a more detailed explanation of these issues, please see my book.

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