Migraines Symptoms, Treatments and Information

Abdominal migraines are migraines that occur mainly in children aged 5-9 years, the majority of people suffering from child to develop common migraine or classic as they get older. As the name suggests, the most common of this type of migraine symptom is abdominal pain migraines symptoms.

Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, redness of the skin or the color of light and sensitivity to light. Headache may or may not accompany the attacks of abdominal migraine. Although the true cause of abdominal migraine is not known, it is theorized that comes from the part of the brain area called post- trembles migraines symptoms, which sends abnormal brain waves that trigger the attack.

This type of migraine is not easy to diagnose and there are no definitive medical tests to confirm or to confirm if a person has. To add to this, migraines symptoms the children are unable to express adequately doctor.

Migraines symptoms the physician must therefore rely on some observable conditions to assess whether patients have abdominal migraines. These include attacks of moderate to severe abdominal pain that can last up to 72 hours and is located in the central part of the abdomen.

Migraines symptoms during episodes, the child has nausea or vomiting, pale and sometimes dark circles around the eyes. On physical examination, there is no evidence of gastrointestinal disease or kidney disease. From abdominal migraines are believed to genetics, your doctor may also check the medical histories of their families.

Most often, there is at least one member of the family which also suffers from migraine, although it can be of different types. The physical examination should be conducted to establish the final diagnosis, migraines symptoms including ultrasound, blood tests and urine tests.

The drugs that are used for the most common types of headache are prescribed to patients when the attacks are not as frequent. It is anti -inflammatory drugs, anti-nausea medications and trip tans. Beta -blockers are also given and those that interfere with the levels of serotonin in the brain, migraines symptoms Age is an important factor when prescribing these drugs for the majority of people who suffer from abdominal migraine are children.

Those who suffer from frequent episodes to undergo similar to those recommended for other types of migraine preventive treatment migraines symptoms, as the nature of the attacks varies from one child to another treatment for abdominal migraine also vary.

Although only one drug may be sufficient for victim migraines symptoms, may require a combination of these drugs to develop an effective treatment for the other. These are questions that should be discussed with the medical background and it might take a number of tests before something works.

Abdominal migraines rarely affect adults, but that does not mean that when the baby grows migraines symptoms, the attacks cease. The most likely scenario is that the symptoms will change to another type of headache, usually the most common.

Therefore, a good knowledge of the disease is very important. In this way, migraines symptoms the patient will be able to manage the disease more effectively when they reach adulthood.

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